GPDM Mission

The Green Propellant Dual Mode 6U CubeSat

GPDM Mission Logo

The Green Propellant Dual Mode (GPDM) CubeSat is a mission designed to demonstrate the use of ASCENT propellant on orbit using two unique thruster designs. The first thruster uses a catalyzed decomposition reaction to generate thrust using ASCENT. The second type of thruster is an electrospray thruster which uses high electric fields to eject ASCENT propellant at high speeds to produce low thrust at high efficiencies.

I work on and lead the team that develops the electrical subsystems for GPDM at the Space System Design Lab (SSDL) at Georgia Tech. Some of the work I've performed for this project includes:

  • Electrical Power Subsystem Design
  • RF Subsystem Architecting
  • Battery Pack Design and Test
  • Thermal Management for Electronics